Kimley-Horn Work Others

This is a collection of work from my time working at Kimley-Horn. The collection includes posters, infographics, and logo designs.

(1.) A logo design for a Kimley-Horn conference. I drew inspiration from NASA mission patches. Our project brief was short and only included two words, "New Frontiers".

(2.) This infographic was used in a meeting with a client to explain a complex timeline of a project in more simple terms. The project's focus is a rail trail for the new train line coming to Charlotte.

(3.) Khultivating Others is an internal program at Kimley-Horn used for supervisor training. My client wanted a logo that spoke to growing the knowledge of others through your own personal training.

(4.) This poster was a larger part of a series of promotional materials for an office ice-cream party. The Charlotte office has over 100 people sitting in it so we needed designs that stood out enough to catch the eye of people walking by. My client wanted a 50's diner feel as well as some way to bring it back to the engineering work done at Kimley-Horn.

(5.) The Job Start Challenge was an internal program that incentivized employees to compete with one another to "top the charts" and win work. We based our branding on the Billboard Music Charts and created graphics that made employees feel like music artists. If they achieved a certain amount of work they recieved custom platinum or gold records that we framed in house.