The Peel Literature & Arts Review is a student-run publication at Appalachian State University. As the print designer for The Peel, I led a team of 6 other designers to create the website, printed book, and promotional materials for events that The Peel held. In addition to leading this team, I worked with an editorial board of 8 students to determine work accepted to The Peel and manage events.

The Healthgrades Webinar series branding was modeled after Masterclass. Masterclass provides instruction from experts on a certain topic and presents itself as a high end product. My designs went in three directions, with each one having it's own unique feel. Utilizing the Healthgrades branding and inspiration from Masterclass, I created social media deliverables for Healthgrades. I also created a presentation going through my design process.

PPMS (Power Plan Management Services) contacted me to do a logo refresh as well as brand guidelines for their company. They wanted a logo that had the spirit of the old rendition, with a new twist.

Chroma Gothic is a modular typeface created as a response for a love of blackletter type design, we wanted to give a modern twist on letterforms that are old at heart.

Collaborators: Lydia Orange,
Max Hofmann

SMPS or the Society of Marketing Professionals needed a new brochure to hand out to prospective recruits for their organization in the Charlotte Chapter. One of the members asked me to update the old brochure with a new, more modern style. This was the result of that design.

My main role at Kimley-Horn involves the creation and production of proposals to give to potential clients on behalf of the firm. In addition, I also work with Project Managers, Marketing Coordinators, and other designers to create a variety of materials to assist in gaining new clients.

This is a collection of work from my time working at Kimley-Horn. The collection includes posters, infographics, and logo designs.

23/25 was a personal project that examined how 23 coastal cities and towns changed over the course of 25 years. I wanted to create something that went against the grain of corporate design. The cover is inspired by Brutalist Graphic Design and the layout of the book features choices that break standard graphic conventions.

Duotone was an examination of how active versus passive use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can affect our social interactions and our impressions of a specific environment. Through the exhibition, we encouraged our audience to think about how they use these various social networks in their day-to-day lives.

Collaborators: Melanie Passajou-Dick

I wanted to create something that referenced the new App State Art Department website while having a life of its own. The four colors and imagery on the front and back reference the website, while the other imagery has the free-flowing vibe of Appalachian.

Reflections of Practice was a 10-week typography exercise in layout design. Each week we were asked to read a design or typography-based book or article, and then react with our own words and imagery to create a spread. At the end of the 10 weeks, we were asked to cohesively bring those 10 spreads together to make a small book and bind it using the method of our choosing.

Creation of promotional materials for The Peel includes creating an 11x17 poster, 8.5x11 flyer, small handouts, email blasts, Facebook banners, and an Instagram post. Branding for each event had its own look and feel.

This website is an interactive web design project called Touch. Touch was a project that focused on capturing a feeling or moment.

Photography was my first passion as a creative. This is a collection of numerous projects with various meanings. Most of my recent photography deals with the usage of a grid to instill the meaning I intend.

This collection of video ranges from basketball hype videos to lyric interstitials. They were edited with Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.